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Youth Programs

4th-6th Grade

Monday:       5:30p - 6:20p: Speed-Agility-Quickness

                    6:30p - 7:20p: Performance Plus Court

Tuesday:        5:30p - 6:20p:  Boxing

                    6:30p - 7:20p: Strength & Conditioning 101

Wednesday:  5:30p - 6:20p: Speed-Agility -Quickness

                    6:30p - 7:20p: Performance Plus Field

Thursday:       5:30p - 6:20p:  Boxing

                    6:30p - 7:20p: Strength & Conditioning 101

7th & 8th Grade

Monday:       5:30p - 6:20p: Performance Plus Field

                    6:30p - 7:20p: Speed-Agility-Quickness

Tuesday:        5:30p - 6:20p: Strength & Conditioning 101

                    6:30p - 7:20p:  Boxing

Wednesday:  5:30p - 6:20p: Performance Plus Court

                    6:30p - 7:20p: Speed-Agility- Quickness

Thursday:      5:30p - 6:20p: Strength & Conditioning 101

                    6:30p - 7:20p: Boxing

High School

Monday:       7:30p - 8:30p: Warrior Class

Tuesday:        7:30p - 8:30p:  Boxing

Wednesday:  7:30p - 8:30p: Warrior Class

Thursday:      7:30p - 8:30p: Boxing

SPX Performance Academy (4th Grade- High School)

The SPX Performance Academy is a monthly membership program containing multiple youth fitness classes to sign up for each week.  We currently are offering 5 different 50 minute classes in the program.  Each class is run by our certified trainers in order to ensure proper technique and safety.  The Academy incorporates the proven philosophy that kids who play multiple sports and activities develop into better athletes, and are less likely to become injured.  Therefore, all of our classes are designed to prevent injuries, build fitness levels, and deliver proven results in a fun and rewarding atmosphere. Lastly, we believe that we are helping kids develop the long-lasting healthy habit of going to the gym and "working out" weekly, which will benefit them long into adulthood!

Members of the SPX Performance Academy receives free open gym time, discounts on personal training, discounts on merchandise and other great perks.



The Speed- Agility-Quickness class teaches the fundamentals of movement and biomechanics.  Participants will greatly improve in acceleration, deceleration, and change of direction.



The Boxing class teaches kids correct punching form, defense, and footwork in a fun and welcoming atmosphere.  Learn how to protect yourself while getting in a great workout!


Performance Plus

The Performance Plus class blends on the court or field skill work with weight room sport performance training.  Participants will spend 25 minutes in each area developing their talents.


Strength and Conditioning 101

Strength and Conditioning 101 is the perfect class to develop a solid foundation for resistance training and conditioning methods.  Participants will learn how to build their own workouts, and execute each movement properly. (Sentence about how weight training would be introduced).


Warrior Class

The Warrior class is a high intensity strength and conditioning class that will push you both mentally and physically.  The class blends strength and conditioning methods in an interval based training format.

Youth Yoga

Coming Soon!

Schedule subject to change.  Additional classes will be added weekly to accommodate our growing demand!

Class Schedule

5702 Alpha Rd

Dallas, TX


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