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Specialty Skills Camps  ($145 for one session $265 for both)

June 3 - 5

Hitting and Setting Camp (9am - noon) 

Passing and Serving Camp (1pm - 4pm) 

June 17 - 19

Passing and Serving Camp (9am - noon) 

Hitting and Setting Camp (1pm - 4pm) 

July 8 - 10

Hitting and Setting Camp (9am - noon) 

Passing and Serving Camp (1pm - 4pm) 

July 29 - 31

Passing and Serving Camp (9am - noon) register

Hitting and Setting Camp (1pm - 4pm) register 

August 5 - 7 

Hitting and Setting Camp (9am - noon) register

Passing and Serving Camp (1pm - 4pm) register

Tryout Prep Camps (Advanced Skills) ($145)

June 10 - 12 (1pm - 4pm) 

June 24 - 26 (9am - noon)* 

July 15 - 17 (9am - noon)* 

July 22 - 24 (9am - noon)* register

*add All - Star Camp on these weeks for $100 per week.  

All - Star / All - Skills Volleyball Camps ($145)

June 24 - 26 (1pm - 4pm) 

July 15 - 17 (1pm - 4pm) 

July 22 - 24 (1pm - 4pm) register

August 12 - 14 (1pm - 4pm) register


Future VolleyBallers Camps ($125)

June 10 - 12 (9am - noon) 

July 1 - 3 (9am - noon) 

August  12 - 14 (9am - noon) register

(3rd grade +)

D.I.G Volleyball Club

Summer Volleyball Camps

D.I.G. VBC Summer Volleyball Camps


For more than a decade, The Sportsplex has been bringing one of North Texas' premier summer volleyball programs.  This year we join with D.I.G VBC and its exciting new program.  We have a range of options for the beginner to the seasoned club player.  Click on the link below to register for a great and fun summer! 

Specialty Skills Camps  - Our most popular camps!!!

5th - 12th graders

These camps are designed to give players the opportunity to focus and work on specific parts of their all-around game.  We break down each specific skill so that the players have an understanding of that skill in order to properly progress as a player.   These camps are broken down by Hitting, Setting, Passing and Serving, which are the major skill-sets of the game. We put emphasis on solid fundamentals for each part of the game so players can be better prepared on the court. 


Hitting & Setting Camps                                      

Passing & Serving Camps

Advanced Skills Camps - Tryout Preparation - BE PREPARED AND MAKE THE TEAM!!! 

5th - 8th graders


Our advanced camps are for those players looking to take their game to the next level.   These camps are fast paced that bring all parts of the game together in game-like drills.   Each day is spent on proper form and technique training while being challenged on the court by the coaches. This camp is great for players needing to get ready for that important tryout or just want to get better. 

All - Stars / All - Skills Volleyball Camps - Fast Paced - High Energy Camp - GET FASTER AND STRONGER 

5th - 12th graders


By popular request, we have added a camp for the camper looking to get extra touches during the summer. This fast paced / high - energy camp will provide the player an opportunity to use the training from the Specialty Skills Camps and get extra touches and extra work.  The Camp will be broken down into 4 sessions each day focusing on the 4 skills learned from Specialty Skills: Hitting, Setting, Passing & Serving.  We will also be working on speed and conditioning for the upcoming fall volleyball season.    Open to everyone driven to get better, stronger & faster!

All - Skills Volleyball Camps                                      


3rd grade +


Our Future Volley-Ballers camp is a great starting point for those interested in learning the game. This is the ideal camp for that new player who is learning the game for the first time or for that player who is wanting to get better.  The focus of Future Volley-Ballers Camp is on teaching solid fundamentals and proper technique.


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