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FMS Assessment

Every fitness pro and performance coach needs the ultimate competitive advantage. Whether your focus is optimizing training, maximizing client retention, enhancing communication, or all of the above, the screen is the starting line, your roadmap, your blueprint.

$70 - Full FMS Assessment with


But what does it mean to MOVE WELL? The screen eliminates the guessing game and tells you what movement quality really is by measuring seven fundamental movements that are key to daily life. It scores individuals in a simple way to determine if their movement patterns are optimal, acceptable or dysfunctional.

To establish a baseline, you need an objective filter—and the screen is your user-friendly, reliable tool. In FMS Level 1, learn how to administer the Functional Movement Screen, your essential reference point. Then unlock and discover the FMS algorithm that turns screen results into enhancements, not only on the training floor and athletic field, but also in every scenario and adventure life takes you…

Private Training

1-on-1 Private Training Packages

Private training packages are the best way to get 1-on-1 instruction and accountability to obtain your fitness goals.  All clients receive a free FMS Assessment, and 2 free training sessions in order to design a customized program.  All sessions are tracked and analyzed to ensure progression towards your goal.  This program is for clients who are determined to change their lifestyle and need the accountability to get started.


$70 - 1 Session

$325 - 5 Sessions

$600 - 10 Sessions

Small Group (2-5 participants)

Small group training offers private training to a small group of individuals (2-5) participants.  Clients have the freedom to invite members to the group, and set up re-occurring trainings times that work for each member.  Members can divide the cost of the session by the total number of participants, creating an affordable way to get private training.  Start recruiting your friends for the amazing fitness journey that lies ahead.

$100 - per session

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